The man with the wings

The man with the wings… that’s right… he can fly above the limits and fears… “There’s nothing… the turquoise sky that attracts you… when he has the chance to go… he goes… sinuous, agile his body rushes… the time stops and also the world… everything is on his movements… it takes nothing to change perspective… look over… he can achieve the impossible and everyone wants to be him… beautiful, strong, expressive: he’s an angel, he’s a dancer. His feet tells more stories than you possibly think, taking you to on another reality, another dimension.

I would believe only a god who could dance.

when I saw my devil, I found it serious, exact, deep and solemn. It was the spirit of gravity, for him evreythings fall down: you can’t kill him with anger, But with a smile. come on, come with me and kill the spirit of gravity! now i’m light, now i can fly, now I see it under me, now he’s a god who uses me to dance.
I honestly do not remember how many times I have danced but as if every time my soul is renewed donating through my body, in a message constantly changing who whispers, grows in a cry and is silent with music. my hands, my arms they’re like wings of fire expressing the physical need to communicate.

Dance is my whole life. There is a predestination in me, a spirit that not everyone has. I must carry this fate to the full: taken this path you can’t go back. It’s my condemnation., maybe, but also my happiness.

Sethey would ask me when I’m going to stop dancing, I would respond: when I’m going to finish living.
The noblest thing in art is the nude. This truth is recognized by all and followed by every painter, sculptor or poet: only the dancer forgot it, the one who should take this into account most, because the instrument of his art is the same human body

Model: Phalermo Dominguez Casado
Photo taken on 17/08/2020
Havana, Cuba

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