Love Yourself

Love yourself, every little imperfection, stretch marks, scar, pimple or cellulite. Your value is not determined by your body from that wrap of flesh that divides us and makes us feel superior and inferior. it makes us insecure, arrogant, pretentious and divides us, we are much more.

Temporary Experience

All this is just a temporary experience, in this living flesh our soul experiences, evolves, improves, learns and explores itself.
We are beings that travel distant worlds, we are part of it and we are the universe that lives itself, if we wanted to we could free ourselves from these bodily chains and travel

Instead we are here, surrounded by others like us we create divisions based on what we are externally without going to the true essence of the human being, but returning to the personal sphere, your mind, your ideas and what you say have a value; for both yourself and others, so why be cruel and mean? Why not simply be yourself without belittling and devaluing others? That way you won’t feel any better, we’re all different and you’re you

Enhance Your Peculiarities

That casing of flesh and blood will have to contain you for decades, so why not accept it as it is? Enhance your peculiarities, do not hide them; decorate that body, make it truly yours and not what you would like it to be. Choose to feel good, free yourself from standards chains

Ideal Of Beauty

Remember that the ideal of beauty varies over time, tastes and choices vary, your uniqueness can lead people to have different opinions but at the end of the day, lying in bed there will only be you and your thoughts and that alone counts.

My Internal Voice

Every now and then a voice emerges in me. He says to me:
“You’re useless”
“You’re horrible”
“No one needs you.”
Yet inside me
there are fragments and atoms
of distant planets,
of infinite galaxies.
The Centuries and the Universe
have worked to create who they are.

Model: Phalermo Dominguez Casado
Photo taken on 24/08/2020
Havana, Cuba

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