50 sfumature di phalermo

The skin, the voice, the mystery, the attitude, the self-irony, the sensuality, the intelligence, this attracts me. Please my love, take my hand and take me to the moon with you

Beauty is just a condiment

I love women because they are maternal, the real great activity they do even when they sleep is to love
I have not known anyone to whom … well, to whom I feel attracted, even if a part of me dreams of trembling knees, heart in my throat, butterflies in my stomach and sleepless nights. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me Perhaps I have spent too much time in the company of my romantic literary heroes, and consequently my ideal and my expectations are unattainable. But the reality is that no one has ever made me feel this way

In Sex

one can learn the technique, but never a feeling, and feeling is the main factor, because the art of giving pleasure is the art of love and devotion; without love the most perfect technique is worthless and becomes only a soulless artifice
There’s nothing wrong with me Lovin’ you And givin’ yourself to me  can never be wrong If the love is true Don’t you know how sweet and wonderful life can be I’m asking you baby to get it on with me I ain’t gonna worry, I aint gonna push So come on,  come on, come on,  come on baby Stop beatin’ round the bush

The love?

Take it all away from me but no love, don’t take it away from me: love is rain and wind, sun and star, now Honey come on, all my 50 shades of Phalermo are here for you, to love you as only I know

Model: Phalermo Dominguez Casado
Photo taken on 8/10/2020
Havana, Cuba

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