With my gaze down and my head bowed I think back to my life, how it was for me a continuous succession of events, at first I suffered, I was frustrated and angry in painful moments then I got used to it and began to feel nothing more or at least to hide or pretend my feelings, my emotions … that’s how I found myself “slave”.  But slave of what? well everything. We think we have free will when in reality most of our choices are induced, prepackaged and predetermined.  All this from whom and from what? 

Who imposes our living on us?  And why are we powerless trying to change?

Simple: society, the state, governments, our social status, money and ourselves.  You see there are many causes and many other consequences … there are those who take refuge in apathy and there are those who, after a life forced to live within the imposed rules and standards, explode. I see everything flowing without being able to decide, not that I am unhappy, I simply would have preferred something else … maybe the day will come when I will stop thinking about people, what they might say, their prejudices and judgments … but then why do I worry about this  way? 


Oh yes!  Discrimination, You never know how far they could go: you can find the boy on instagram who claims the right to judge a woman for how much skin she discovers and insinuating that she does it for male attention or the old woman who looks at you badly when you get on the bus  for being black or better still the so-called “pick-me girl” who reiterates “I’m not like the others” or who defines herself as a washing machine and proud of it.  In short, these are just a few examples that, however, make me pass the desire to be myself … not caring would be the best thing for myself on a mental level … I’m afraid it’s too late now but maybe one day I could do it, I could finally be myself.

Model: Phalermo Dominguez Casado
Photo taken on 26/07/2020
Havana, Cuba

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