Queens of the gardens.

This is the most common definition for this beautiful flower.
Who can deny it? Flashy or subtle, they stand out by sometimes subtracting attention from other invisible flowers. many stories says the rose is always used to represent not very kind characteristics: pride, vanity, self-centeredness, selfishness …
Instead, they are mixture of sweetness, fragility and strength. The rose is a fragile flower, so many things hurt it. You have to defend her, heal her and then, as if to show her gratitude, she offers herself generously.
If you leave it to itself, it becomes sad, it becomes thin and stunted but it fights, as long as it has the strength it does not give up. That’s her power.

According to Anacreon

one day Aphrodite was coming out of the water, a drop fell from the naked skin of the goddess and gave birth to the first rose. The flowers were all white, but one day Venus, rushing to help Arom, stung herself and the roses turned red from the shame of having given so much pain to the goddess. And this is the story of the birth of the red roses, symbol of passion, love, life, blood and fire.

Fiery red petals dance around his body, touching his bronze skin. The petals give this being a pure, passionate, infinite love. In it you can breathe eternity that goes beyond everything even the death. They are now in symbiosis, they live for each other, in an aura full of life, and the love given by the red petals make him revives and resonate like a pure spirit. Now he is full, thanks to the red rose petals he learned how to love and how to live, now he can go around the world to spread this powerful feeling.

Model: Phalermo Dominguez Casado
Photo taken on 14/08/2020
Havana, Cuba

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